Ever had a day-long train trip? And what if this was your commute to work! An emotional write up of train journeys in Anatolia, sleeper trains and my unique experiences travelling to all corners of Turkey...

The amphitheatre at Arykanda, an ancient Lycian city. June 2007. Temperature nearly 55 °C, hot whirlwinds and a chamber orchestra concert.

Aybuke was a 22-year-young music teacher in the town of Kozluk in Batman province. A stray bullet in an assassination attempt took her from the ones she loved and the ones who loved her. She was my student...

A series of experimental recitals exploring the relationship between architecture and music. I am hidden, I am boxed and I am hung for performances. Venue: The Arts Tower, Sheffield, England. Year: 1991.

A solo recital at Middle East's largest Armenian Church, Surp Giragos, since partly demolished and unreachable due to guerrilla fighting in the middle of Diyarbakır! Emotions it stirred and stories it provoked.

1940. A small town in Central Anatolia. A baby is born. His name is Ruşen Güneş. He is Turkey's most famous viola player. No! This is not a joke!

I have been on the stage for all kinds of concerts from solos with orchestras to recitals, from conducting to TV shows and even movies! However this particular experience was very different and much fun.

The first ever and perhaps also the last ever violin recital in a town with 12,000 years of history, sweating in a mohair tent, magic on River Tigris an unexpected announcement!

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